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Culture Lesson Oxford

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People come to oxford to learn. You can learn English in Oxford as many EC students do, or at its prestigious university.

When you hear the word Oxford and you will probably think of _1_ renowned university. The university grew rapidly from 1167 when King Henry II prohibited English students from attending the University of Paris, resulting in many settling _2_ the University of Oxford.

The city of Oxford is _3_ located about 80 km northwest of London, lies on the River Thames and has simple connections to Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Oxford's famous "Dreaming Spires" refer to the medieval churches and colleges _4_ dominate the bustling modern town. _5_ the history and tradition of Oxford make it an inspiring place to learn English. But Oxford has a modern side _6_: nightclubs playing cutting-edge electronic music, restaurants serving exotic ethnic cuisine, and theatres and galleries. You can even _7_ some of the locations used in the Harry Potter movies.

Oxford is packed full of other fascinating places to discover. At Oxford Botanic Garden, you can sit _8_ J.R.R. Tolkien dreamed up his Lord of the Rings books. Oxford is also the place where Lewis Carroll met young Alice Liddell, _9_ became his inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

There is no best time to visit Oxford; every season _10_ its charms. We hope we can see you there soon!

Now complete the text with the correct missing words:

  • Missing word 1 is:

  • Missing word 2 is:

  • Missing word 3 is:

  • Missing word 4 is:

  • Missing word 5 is:

  • Missing word 6 is:

  • Missing word 7 is:

  • Missing word 8 is:

  • Missing word 9 is:

  • Missing word 10 is: