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Culture Lesson: 'White Day' in Japan

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In Japan on March 14, exactly one month after Valentine's Day, 'White Day' is celebrated. On Valentine's Day women give gifts, usually of chocolate, to men and on White Day it's the men's turn to give to the women! This Japanese (and Korean) cultural event was started by confectionery companies in 1978, when they noticed that it was mostly men who bought chocolate on Valentine's day, and so women needed their own day to 'answer.' The Japanese use the expression 'sanbai gaeshi' meaning 'thrice the return' to describe the general rule that the return gift should be two to three times the cost of the Valentine's gift!
A difference between the two days is that Valentine's Day is thought to be to be a romantic time by people around the world; whereas, White Day is considered to be a social obligation.

Did you celebrate either Valentine's Day or White Day? Don't worry, if you don't have a 'special person' to share these days with - the Koreans celebrate 'Black Day' on April 14 for single people!! 

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Now match the key words to their definitions ('copy + paste'  the bold words into the spaces below):   

  • Something you must do; to have no choice because of a rule or law:
  • Something related to love:
  • Sweets or candy:
  • Three times:
  • Compared with the fact that; but:
  • Believed to be: