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Culture Lesson - Staying in Cape Town

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An EC student has been learning English at EC Cape Town. While he was there he stayed in Mountain View Residence. Read what he thought about his accommodation and take the key word quiz.

"I stayed in Mountain View residence during my studies at EC Cape Town. The house is modern, stylish and elegant. It has a terrace with marvelous views of Table Mountain. During my stay I enjoyed the barbeques and the party we had there. The BoKaap district is one of the many famous and historical places in Cape Town and it has colourful homes with friendly people. The location of the house was so close to school that I walked it every day. I had a great time during my stay and met many people from around the world e.g. Columbia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and Russia. Most important of all, the residence was home away from home and this is an experience I will never forget."

By Metin Sezen, Turkey

Key words

  1. modern
  2. stylish
  3. elegant
  4. marvelous
  5. barbeque
  6. historical
  7. location

Match the numbers to the definitions below. Do NOT type in the word:

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  • Old; belonging to the past:
  • A place or position:
  • New; belonging to the present time:
  • A metal frame which is used for cooking meat outside over a fire:
  • Fashionable - in fashion:
  • Excellent:
  • Graceful and attractive in appearance: