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Culture Shock - Upper Intermediate Vocabulary

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When you are studying English abroad, you are likely to find yourself mixing with lots of different cultures. Therefore, I thought it’d be useful to give you some vocabulary related to culture to help you start interesting conversations. Just match the word to its definition. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

1. Value
Example: "The government believes in family values."

2. Ritual
Example: "The people of the tribe perform a ritual dance for the gods."

3. Stereotype
Example: "She doesn't fit the typical stereotype of an accountant."

4. Culture shock
Example: "After growing up in Manhattan, moving to the countryside was a real culture shock."

5. Diversity
Example: "London has a large amount of ethnic and cultural diversity."

6. Tradition
Example: "Eating turkey on Christmas Day in Britain is a tradition."

7. Acclimatise
Example: "It took a long time to acclimatise to working life after university."

8. Nationality
Example: "I have Russian nationality."

Match the words to their definitions. When you've finished try writing your own example sentences to help you remember.

  • A too simple and therefore distorted image of a group.
  • Something performed regularly, usually for religious or cultural reasons.
  • A variety of things or people.
  • To get used to.
  • The status of belonging to a particular country.
  • A long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting.
  • A state of distress experienced by someone who finds themselves in a new environment.
  • A belief.