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Dating Phrasal Verbs

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Dating can be tricky, particularly when you're dating (in a relationship with) an English speaker and there are so many phrasal verbs!

Here are some of the most common phrasal verbs related to dating.

Read through the sentences and see if you can decide which phrasal verb belongs in the sentence. Can you think of any more phrasal verbs related to dating? Tell us about your own dating experiences using these verbs if you have the time!

Lesson by Caroline

Phrasal Verbs Related to Dating

Chat up - talk to someone you are sexually interested in to get them interested in you.
Hit it off - have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person.
Ask out - to invite someone for a date.
Move on - to change from one thing to the next thing.
Go out - to date somesome. To be in a relationship.
Fall for - to feel love for; be in love with someone.
Break up - to end a relationship.
Make up - to  stop being angry with someone. to forgive, apologise with someone and to be friends again after a fight or argument.

Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence:

  • 1 - I'm going to ___ that blonde girl at the bar. She's beautiful.

  • 2 - Unfortunately we ___ a few months ago. It just wasn't working.

  • 3 - We ___ immediately, I liked him from the very beginning.

  • 4 - I really want to ___ my friend's brother, but I'm scared she'll be upset about it.

  • 5 - We've been ___ for six months now, it's going really well.

  • 6 - I've ___ my friend's ex. I just can’t get her out of my head, it's such an awkward situation.

  • 7 - We argue a lot, but we always ___ before we go to sleep.

  • 8 - Listen, you've been broken up for a year and he has a new girlfriend. You need to ___.