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Dead or Died?

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Another look at a couple of words that English learners often confuse. Do you know the difference in use between dead and died?


Dead is an adjective. It means no longer alive. For example:

There's a dead mouse in the garden.

My grandfather has been dead for ten years.

The pet fish I bought my daughter last week is already dead.


Died is a verb. It is the past tense and past participle tense of die. To die means to stop living. For example:

She nearly died in a car accident.

The old man died in his sleep.

The plants died because I watered them too much.

Now choose the correct words to complete these sentences:

  • 1 - The batteries in the remote control are ___.

  • 2 - I was surprised to see him in the movie. I thought he was ___!

  • 3 - I threw away the ___ flowers.

  • 4 - He ___ suddenly. No one knew he was sick.

  • 5 - That's the third pet bird that's ___ on me.

  • 6 - I was so scared. I really thought I was going to ___.

  • 7 - The dinosaurs ___ out long, long ago.

  • 8 - I've seen this film before. He ___ in the end.

  • 9 - A lot of wild animals ___ during winter.

  • 10 - She worries about ___ alone.