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The Difference Between Still and Anymore

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This week’s lesson explains the difference between still and anymore as well as how to use both words!

The word still is used to show that an action is happening or not happening up to the present. It is often, but not always, used especially when the action was expected to end earlier.

The placement of this word can vary, but is most commonly used in front of the main verb, or after the present simple or past simple of ‘to be’, as you can see in the example below.

E.g. The students still enjoyed the party, even though it was raining.
E.g. I can’t believe it is still raining!

Anymore is used in sentences to demonstrate that something is no longer happening or is finished. It can also mean “from now on”. This word is often used with a negative phrase, but not always. It usually appears at the end of a sentence.

E.g. I’m not in school anymore. (This person is no longer in school.)

Test yourself! Choose the correct word to fill in the blank of each phrase. If you liked this lesson, don’t forget to leave us a comment telling us why, and share this lesson with your friends!

  • He _____ hasn’t opened his birthday gift.

  • You’re not sick ______?

  • Catherine is sleeping _____.

  • It’s not raining _____.