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Do you like the beach?

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I live in London and lead a very hectic life so sometimes it’s great to get away.

The beaches in England aren't exactly like Hawaii's, but they are beautiful and wonderful to visit and relax.

I'm very lucky that I grew up in a seaside town and can visit my parents when I need some sea air.

Here is some information about some beautiful and special beaches in England. Read through the text and test how well you understand it by putting the vocabulary in the correct gaps.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane


Overnight - for or during the night. "You must let the paint dry overnight - don't touch it."
Climb - to go up usually by using your hands and feet. "Cats are much better at climbing trees than dogs."
Situated - located in a place. "The Taj Mahal is situated in Agra."
Children - Not yet adults! The plural of child.
Cliffs - high, steep surfaces of rock or earth. "We stood on the edge of the cliff and watch the sea far below."
Fossils - something (such as a leaf, skeleton, or footprint) that which lived long ago and that you can see in some rocks. "Scientists found a new a dinosaur fossil in Arizona."
Impossible - unable to be done or happen - not possible. "Sleeping was impossible because of the noise."

Beaches in England

Portscatho - Cornwall

It's a tricky _1_ over rocks down to this pebbled craggy haven, but once down this charming little cove is invisible from the cliff top and offers utter blue lagoon seclusion. You'll find it along the Treloan Coast in Truro, by the village of Portscatho.

Chapman's Pool - Dorset

Practically _2_ to get to other than by boat and unreachable by car, this secluded cove on the Jurassic Coast is a treasure chest of _3_ and reptiles. Once you reach Worth Matravers drive through the village following signs, stop at the car park outside the village and take the costal path.
It’s a long walk, not really suitable for _4_ and is best visited in the summer months.

Holy Island of Lindisfarne - Berwick upon Tweed

Whilst a popular tourist destination, the real beauty of the island comes if you choose to stay _5_. When the tide comes in and cuts off the islands from the mainland, taking the tourists with it, you have the whole place to yourself.

Thornwick Bay - East Yorkshire

Imposing _6_ create a stunning natural amphitheatre around this gorgeous craggy bay with a dramatic sea arch. Found on the coastal road from Filey southwards, north of Bridlington.

Luccombe Beach - Isle of Wight

Arguably the remotest beach on the island with impressive rock formations and caves, Luccombe Beach is _7_ between Shanklin Old Village and Bonchruch. Park in the free car park just before Smugglers Haven Tea Room and with your back to the main road, turn left and take the footpath down.

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