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Do you have Stress?

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People keep shouting 'chillax' at me as I run from job to job like a headless chicken.

I'd love to, honestly, but sometimes having five jobs can be very exhausting!

Unfortunately, this is clearly bad for my health and generally, the more relaxed we are, the more healthy and happy we are too.

Read through this article and see if you can fit the missing words in the correct gaps. Remember, don't stress if you find it difficult - chillax!

Chillax - a combination of 'relax' and 'chill'- meaning calm down. It's a new popular slang word.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Stress can give you mental health problems

Even mild stress can make people unable to work according to new research.

Experts believe the effects of low-level stress have been _1_ and are worse than previously thought.

It can result in physical and mental problems.

The _2_ of a person having a psychiatric condition doubles if they have suffered mild stress.

More than a quarter of disability pensions _3_ to those in the Swedish study were for a physical problem linked to stress, while almost two-thirds of payments for a psychiatric problem were down to stress.

However, it could also be that _4_ surrounding mental health issues leads some doctors and patients to prefer a physical 'label' for the problem.

During the research, 649 people started receiving disability benefit - 203 for a mental health problem and the rest for physical ill health.

The authors _5_: 'Mild psychological distress may be associated with more long-term disability than previously ccknowledged and its public health importance may be underestimated.'

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