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Do you know how to make Passive Sentences?

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Active Sentences

In active sentences the subject is the person / thing that does the action. The subject comes at the start of the sentence. Most English is made up of active sentences. Take a look at this example using Paul as the subject and book as the object:

'Paul wrote a book.'

Passive Sentences

In passive sentences the focus of the sentence is the 'recieving' object of an action and it comes at the start of the sentence; therefore, the object and the subject change positions in the sentence:

'The book was written by Paul.'

How to make a passive

To make a passive sentence you need to start with object first and then use the be form of the verb (depending on the tense) and then add a past participle:

object + be + past participle


Active: 'The gardener grows flowers.'
Passive: 'Flowers are grown by the gardener.'

Active: 'My grandfather planted that tree.'
Passive: 'That tree was planted by my grandfather.'

Active: 'The dog is chasing the sheep.'
Passive: 'The sheep are being chased by the dog.'

Now choose the correct word to make passive sentences:

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  • The old woman was ___ by Sam.

  • Bags ___ in this factory.

  • Planes are not being ___ on Sundays at this airport.

  • The student was ___ to by his teacher.

  • The book was ___ into Japanese by my brother.

  • When was America ___?

  • This office is ___ now.