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Do you know these idioms?

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How well do you know English idioms? Let's put your knowledge to this test with this exercise. Below are 10 well-known expressions, simply complete each one with the correct word:

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  • I don't like Jazz. It's not my cup of ___.

  • His comments didn't bother me. It's all water off a ___'s back.

  • It's raining cats and ___ outside.

  • She has green thumbs; she's a great ___.

  • Learning English is easy , it's a piece of ___.

  • Without my glasses I'm as blind as a ___.

  • I couldn't undertsand anything; it was all ___ to me.

  • He can't dance, he has two ___ feet.

  • There's no use crying over spilt ___. The past is the past.

  • We're friends again. Our fight is all water under the ___ now.