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Do you know these words?

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Learning new words is probably the best part about languages. We find a new word, learn what it means, memorise it and then try to use it naturally in a conversation.

Do you have a note book where you keep a list of new words and their definitions? Many English learners do.

Doesn’t it feel like every time we learn a new word, we forget an old one! It seems like our brain only stores a certain number of foreign words so when we add a new one, our brain deletes and old one! Why is this?

The key to remembering all those words is to review. Look back at your old English textbooks and refresh your understanding. In English we say we jog our memory, which basically means reviewing will cause you to remember.

It’s also very important to be reading English every day, this will help you review as well as learn. With the amount of English websites around finding something interesting to read shouldn’t be a problem, choose a website that covers a subject you like (music, sports, fashion) and visit it daily.

Today we’re going to do a vocabulary review. Let’s look at some words that you probably all know and perhaps some words that you don’t.

What words are being described here? As an extra hint the amount of letters in each word is given. Type your answers in the space provided, use lower case and be careful with your spelling!

  • 1) to run very fast for a short distance (6 letters):
  • 2) Another word for dad (6 letters):
  • 3) A school subject that studies the past (7 letters):
  • 4) The part of your leg that is just above your foot (5 letters):
  • 5) A person who sells meat (7 letters):
  • 6) Another word for child (3 letters):
  • 7) A line that bends round like part of a circle (5 letters):
  • 8) A noun that describes travelling from one place to another (7 letters):
  • 9) A material made of animal skin (7 letters):
  • 10) The very thin line that appears on the surface of something that is breaking/broken (5 letters):