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What can you remember about the verb 'to do' in the present tense? Here's a review exercise to test your knowledge. Take your time and read each sentence carefully. This little word is all over the English language, so it's important to get it right!

Do and does are similar to modal verbs. They are used to make questions and statements when there is no other auxilary. "Do you want some?"

Use does if the subject is third-person singular (he, she, it, Mike, Amanda, the car). Use do everywhere else i.e. plural nouns and with the pronouns I, we,
you and they. Did is used for past tense.

Doesn't is the contracted (short) form of does not. Don't is the contracted form of do not.

  • 1. Please ___ play with your food.

  • 2. This cafe ___ serve alcohol.

  • 3. ___ they listen to pop music?

  • 4. What ___ that mean?

  • 5. She ___ like animals so she won't go to the zoo.

  • 6. I ___ want to talk about it anymore.

  • 7. She ___ the cleaning three times a week.

  • 8. I ___ much more work in the evenings.

  • 9. ___ you like coffee?

  • 10. Your friend ___ speak Spanish.

  • 11. ___ tell me what to do!

  • 12. ___ Emily have a car?

  • 13. ___ twenty sit-ups.

  • 14. We ___ go out very much because we have a baby.

  • 15. She ___ amazing impressions.

  • 16. Tim ___ like to talk about work.