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Does, is or has

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The verbs do, be and have are often confused by beginning learners of English. This exercise explores some of the ways that we can use these verbs for the 3rd Person Singular. For example:

"He is a teacher, he has a friendly smile."

In this example, we used the be verb to describe his state as a teacher, and the have verb to describe his possessing a friendly smile.

Lesson by Ian at EC Cape Town English school

Complete these sentences using does, is or has:

  • 1A.Her husband's name ___ Luther...

  • 1B. He ___ standing over there.

  • 2. ___ she speak any French?

  • 3. Vincent ___ your assignment.

  • 4. My little dog ___ so cute!

  • 5. What ___ your brother do?

  • 6A. Richard ___ one son.

  • 6B. He ___ eight years old and...

  • 6C. ___ blonde hair.

  • 7. Yes, he ___, he works in a bank.

  • 8. Excuse me, ___ this the way to the cinema?

  • 9A. Chelsea ___ a lot of friends on Facebook.

  • 9B. Being popular ___ important to her.

  • 10. This is how our teacher always ___ it.