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Double Negatives

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A double negatives is two negative words together in the same sentence. If these two negative words are talking about the same subject they cancel each other out and the sentence becomes positive:

"I am not going to pay no bills" = I am going to pay some bills.
"She can't make friends with nobody" = she can make friends with somebody

To make these sentences correct you should only use one negative:

"I'm not going to pay any bills."
"She can't make friends with anybody."

Task: Correct the following sentences:

  1. I don't have no clothes.
  2. I haven't got nothing.
  3. I didn't buy no shoes.
  4. George didn't say nothing.
  5. They'll never make no money.

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Are the sentences below correct or incorrect?
Lesson by David Byrne, EC London English School

  • 1 - I don't have no money.

  • 2 - I don't have any money.

  • 3 - Daniel doesn't have no interest in football.

  • 4 - There aren't any ripe bananas in this bunch.

  • 5 - The accident wasn't nobody's fault.

  • 6 - Max hasn't never said thank you to nobody.

  • 7 - Neither of my sisters aren't coming this weekend.