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Dream and Sleep Idioms

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This is a follow up to yesterday's Beyonce music lesson. Dreaming and sleeping are both extremely important to me! Here is a list of idioms related to the subject. Can you guess which sentence needs which idiom?

To 'sleep on it': to think about something overnight, rather than make a decision straight away.
To 'sleep like a log': to sleep heavily, without waking.
To have a 'lie in': to sleep until later than usual.
A 'pipe dream': a wish that is very unlikely to come true.
To be in a 'dream world': to constantly be thinking about what you would like to happen rather than what is happening.
A dream come true: a wish or hope that was realised.
To 'not dream of doing something: to state that you would never do a certain thing.

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. Playing with the baby tigers in South Africa last year was ___. I've always wanted to work with animals.

  • 2. I didn't even hear him come in. I must have ___last night.

  • 3. I can't decide which job to take, they are both so tempting. I think I will have to ___.

  • 4. Tomorrow is my first day off in two weeks. I'm definitely going to ___ so please don't wake me up.

  • 5. You can tell me anything. I ___ telling people your secrets.

  • 6. I'd love to go to Colombia next year but I'm afraid it's just ___. I haven't got any money.

  • 7. She needs to focus on her studies rather than constantly living in ___.