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Driving Idioms

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John walked into the pub and sat down, “Oh my God, she is driving me up the wall,’ he said. “What’s wrong?” asked Mary. “My boss asked me to work late, again. Down the road, I think I’m going to have to quit,” he said. “You should. I was just about to hit the road actually,” she said as she stood up. “Oh no, please, have one for the road,” begged John, “I had to carpool with my neighbour today, I need a beer after that.” Mary sat down, “OK then, one more for the road.”
Lesson by David Byrne, EC London English school

Idioms/Phrases & Definitions

To drive (someone) up the wall - To make someone very angry
Down the road - In the future (in your lifetime)
To hit the road - To leave somewhere
To have one for the road - To have one last (alcoholic) drink before you go home
To carpool - To travel to the same place with a group of people in one car. e.g. work/school

  • 1) I hate my brother, he is ___.

  • 2) “We should ___. It’s almost time for dinner.”

  • 3) I would like to have children ___.

  • 4) To help global warming everyone should ___ if they can.

  • 5) “It’s only 8:00, let’s have ___.”