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EC wins a Star Award

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We won! All of us at EC are in a great mood at the moment because we won an award for one of our English courses. You might, or might not know, that apart from offering daily English lessons on this site, EC is also a chain of English schools with schools in London, Brighton, Cambridge, New York, Boston, San Diego, Cape Town and Malta. We're always working our hardest to give our language students the best experience we can. This means offering the highest quality English lessons, great accommodation options and a fun activities programme. The whole package.

We're always looking at ways to improve the service we offer and last week we were officially recognised for our efforts. The Language Travel Magazine Star awards, held in London, are the Oscars of the English schools world. It was at these awards that EC won the Star Innovation award. We won for our new 'Freestyle' course whichwe introduced in Malta last summer for young learners aged 16 – 20. The course was voted  the best innovation in the industry by over 1000 agents across the world. We're all very happy that our clients think we are doing a good job, giving our students the service they deserve.

Anyway, that got me thinking about how you and us are in the same boat. As an English school we're trying to make the best English courses possible and you're trying to make your English as good as it can be. What I’m trying to say is that you, like us, need to have a goal. We had been nominated for a Star award three times before we finally won it. The important thing is that we didn't give up, kept working at it, were patient and achieved our personal English goal. That's just what you should do to make your English a success.

So what happens next? We keep on going. There is no finishing point - there is always room for improvement. Keep focused on your goals, be happy when you achieve them and then set new goals and go for them! Good Luck!

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Link: EC Wins LTM Innovation Award

  • 1 - Chain:

  • 2 - Innovation:

  • 3 - In the same boat:

  • 4 - Nominate:

  • 5 - Give up:

  • 6 - Working at it:

  • 7 - Room: