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Education Idioms

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Here are some commonly used idioms about education and learning. Have you heard any of them in class before? I've put the meanings of the idioms to help you to decide which idiom fits in each sentence. Can you think of any more education idioms? Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Let us know!


  • Bookworm - a person who is always studying.
  • Copycat - a person who copies the words or actions of another.
  • to live and learn - to learn as you grow older and gain experience.
  • teacher's pet - the teacher's favourite student.
  • to pass with flying colours - to pass with a very high grade.
  • to go back to basics - to return to the beginning.
  • to cover a lot of ground - to go through a lot of information in class.
  • to pull an all nighter - to study throughout the night.

Choose the correct idiom to complete the sentence:

  • 1. Eleanor is a ___, her piece for Art lesson looks exactly like mine.

  • 2. Michael ___! He got the best grade in his class!

  • 3. We have ___ in class today, so make sure you go through your notes when you get home.

  • 4. Amy is definitely the ___. Mrs Brown gives her the best grades even when her work isn't very good.

  • 5. I think we should ___ as none of you are using the past simple correctly today.

  • 6. I'm a ___. I love reading about history and politics.

  • 7. I should never have quit my degree. Oh well, we ___.

  • 8. I'm so exhausted, I ___ studying for this test.