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Electronic Cigarettes Reading and Vocab Exercise

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The World Health Organization (WHO) called for stiff regulation of electronic cigarettes as well as bans on indoor use, advertising and sales to minors, in the latest bid to control the booming new market.

Ecigarettes are battery-powered devices that vaporize nicotine. They’ve been sold in the United States since 2007 and have millions of users worldwide and nearly $2 billion in annual sales. They contain less toxic substances than traditional cigarettes do, but little is known of their health effects.

It's said advocates of ecigarettes should not claim they help people quit smoking until there is more evidence of their success.

It is unclear if exhaled vapour from ecigarettes is a health risk to anyone in the nearby vicinity of e-cigarettes. Studies have shown inhaling nicotine, even without tobacco smoke, may cause heart disease.

Choose the words that have the same meaning as the orange words. You have three choices in each question, only one is correct:

  • 1) Stiff has the same meaning as:

  • 2) Indoor has the same meaning as:

  • 3) Bid has the same meaning as:

  • 4) Annual has the same meaning as:

  • 5) Advocates has the same meaning as:

  • 6) Quit has the same meaning as:

  • 7) Exhaled has the same meaning as:

  • 8) Vicinity has the same meaning as: