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Elementary: Around the House

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Do you know the names of the objects you find in the house? What do we sit on? What do we cook our food in? Here are ten household objects, but they are spelt with one letter missing.

e.g. "We don't find hair in the house, but we could find a chair."

Read through the sentences and add a letter to the words in quoation marks (" ") word to make the name of a household object. Write the whole word:

  • 1. Use the "ink" in the bathroom to wash your hands.
  • 2. The "indows" are dirty and need cleaning.
  • 3. Please could you turn on the "lmp", I can’t see to read my book.
  • 4. The "adio" is too loud!
  • 5. We have a beautiful new "carpe", please take your shoes off at the door.
  • 6. Do you have many "potos" of your friends in your bedroom?
  • 7. Put the yoghurt and cheese in the "ridge".
  • 8. I need a cup of tea, do you have a "ketle"?
  • 9. Where is the "ion"? My clothes are dry now.
  • 10. Close the "doo"! It's freezing!