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Elementary Level: Ever or Never

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Time for a review of ever and never.

Ever means 'at any time'and is used in questions.

Use ever with nothing, nobody for things that haven not happened before. "Nobody has ever seen me dance!"

Ever is also used with 'the first time' for first experiences. "This is the first time I've ever been abroad."

Use never when you have not had an experience: "I have never been to France."

Never is a contraction of 'not ever'.

Complete the sentences with ever or never:

  • 1. Have you ___ been to the opera?

  • 2. I've ___ eaten crocodile.

  • 3. Has she ___ lived abroad?

  • 4. They've ___ been to our house.

  • 5. Have we ___ seen that film? I can't remember.

  • 6. I've ___ spoken to him before.

  • 7. She's ___ worn that dress.

  • 8. Has he ___ broken his leg?

  • 9. Have I ___ told you about my cousin Ivy?

  • 10. I've ___ tried to play the piano.