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Elementary Level: Jobs

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Let's practise job vocabulary! Below are ten jobs, can you match the job to the thing that person may say?

For Example:

"You need to clean your teeth twice a day." = dentist


Doctor - a person who heals sick people.
Actor - a person who performs in plays and films.
Lawyer - a person who understands the law and deals with legal situations.
Shop assistant - a person who sells things in a shop.
Teacher - a person who teaches in a school.
Chef - a person who cooks in a restaurant.
Journalist - a person who writes or reports for newspapers or TV news.
Waiter - a person who works in a restaurant, bringing food to customers.
Police officer - a person who protects the police and prevents/solves crime.
Taxi driver - a driver who you pay to take you somewhere by car.

Who do you think would say these things?

  • A. "I have mostly worked on television this year."

  • B. "Where would you like to go?"

  • C. "Open your books to page 27."

  • D. "You have a very high temperature, I think you should go to the hospital."

  • E. "I'm writing a story about British people living abroad at the moment."

  • F. "Would you like chips or mashed potato?"

  • G. "My client has answered that question already."

  • H. "Have you been drinking tonight?"

  • I. "Would you like a bag?"

  • J. "Please hurry up and take this food to the customer."