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Elementary Level - Pronouns

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Look at this example:

Sarah is a university student. Sarah was born in London but now Sarah lives in Paris where Sarah is studying French. Sarah’s boyfriend is Louis. Louis is French and Louis met Sarah in Paris. Sarah and Louis want to get married. Sarah’s and Louis’ parents are very happy.

Now here is the same example using pronouns:

Sarah is a university student. She was born in London but now she lives in Paris where she is studying French. Sarah’s boyfriend is Louis. He is French and he met Sarah in Paris. Their parents are very happy.

The example shows that pronouns are very useful and avoid long, complicated sentences.

Personal Pronouns refer to a person:

I am a student.

You are a student.

He/She is a student.

We are students.

They are students.

It is used for things.

I saw it.

It is long.

These are the personal pronouns:

Singular – Subject Singular – Object Singular – Reflexive
I me you
you you yourself
he (male) him himself
she (female) her herself
it (neutral) it itself


Plural – Subject Plural – Object Plural – Reflexive
we us ourselves
you you yourselves
they them themselves

Lesson by Tristan, teacher at EC Malta English school

Now place the correct pronoun in the following:


  • 1. John went to Japan. _ had a great time.

  • 2. I really enjoyed the book _ lent me.

  • 3. Danny looked tired so I told _ to rest.

  • 4. We decorated the house _.

  • 5. We went to Venice. _ was amazing.

  • 6. If you want something done well. Do it _.