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English Accents

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Unfortunately, English doesn’t come with one standard accent.

Not only do we have British, Australian, American, South African accents etc. We also have all the regional accents that make up those countries!

The difference between Southern and Northen English accents are massive and even native English speakers sometimes have difficulty understanding them.

So it is important that as an English learner you expose yourself to as many different accents as possible, outside of the classroom.

This news interview discusses regional accents and whether they are a help or a hindrance. Watch the video and then see if you can answer the true or false questions below.

Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

While you listen decide if these statements are true or false:

  • 1. Many parents think regional accents are a bad thing for their children to adopt.

  • 2. Jo thinks her accent has stopped her progression in the workplace.

  • 3. Jo naturally speaks very quickly.

  • 4. Helen thinks you should adapt your accent to fit in with the people you are with.

  • 5. Tony Blair always used a perfect British accent.

  • 6. Jo thinks it’s really important that politicians revert back to their natural dialect.

  • 7. Helen works predominantly with children, whose parents want to change their accent.