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English in the airport

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Are you planning to take a flight anytime soon? Here are some of the questions you'll probably hear in the airport and some example answers:


How many pieces of luggage do you have?
Only one.

Did you pack your luggage yourself?
Yes, I did.

Has anyone given you anything to take on the flight?
No, they haven't.

Do you have any hand-luggage?
Yes, I have one bag.

Immigration / Customs

May I see your passport please?
Yes, here it is.

Where did you fly from?
I flew from Delhi.

What is the purpose of your visit; business or pleasure?
I'm here on business.

How long are you planning to stay?
I'll be staying for two weeks.

Where will you be staying?
I'll be staying at a hotel.

Have you ever been to America before?
No, this is my first time.

Do you have anything to declare?
No, I don't.

Key Words

Luggage (non-countable noun): bags and cases. Also known as baggage.

Immigration (noun): the process of checking your passport and visa to make sure that you can be allowed to enter the country; the place where this checking is done.

Customs (noun): the place in an airport where your bags are checked to find out if any goods are being carried illegally.

Declare (verb): to officially tell someone the value of goods you have bought because you might have to pay tax on them.

Other Important Words

Here some other words which you may find helpful:

Arrival (noun): arrive.

Aisle seat (noun): the seat closest to the area that runs down the centre of the plane in-between the seats.

Departure (noun): leave.

Duty-free shop (noun): a shop in an airport where you do not have to pay tax.

Land (verb): Arrive - the plane stops flying and touches the ground on the runway.

Runway: (noun) the type of road planes use to take off.

Stop over (phrasal verb): to stay at a place for one night or a few nights on the way to somewhere else.

Take-off (noun / phrasal verb): to leave the ground and start to fly.

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  • How many pieces of ___ do you have?

  • Business or ___?

  • Do you have anything to ___ ?

  • We don't have window seats left. We only have ___ seats.

  • The flight is about to take ___.

  • The plane was unable to ___ because of the bad weather.