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English Contractions

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A contraction is a short form of a group of words. English has a few contractions, which mostly involve not pronouncing a vowel. In writing the vowel is replaced with an apostrophe in writing.

For example, the contraction of I am is I'm and the contraction of will not is won't.

English Contractions
Full Form Contracted Example
not -n't I can't come
let us let's Let's take a break
I am I'm I'm hungry
are -'re We're, they're
is 's What's
has 's He's, she's
have -'ve I've been, would've gone
had -'d Where'd
did not didn't He didn't know
will -'ll She'll speak
is not isn't He isn't here

What is the correct contraction in these sentences? Some of the contractions are NOT included in the above examples!

  • 1) We are going shopping.

  • 2) She has taken it.

  • 3) I have a dog.

  • 4) She did not talk.

  • 5) They would have met.

  • 6) You need not come.

  • 7) Let us go home.

  • 8) How will you travel?

  • 9) They are not cold.

  • 10) We shall not play.