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English in the station

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Slow, unreliable and expensive - welcome to trains in Britain! As much as British people complain about the train service, trains are, nevertheless, a favourite way too see the country.

Of course, these phrases and vocabulary will help you out in any English speaking country, and on buses too!

Bon Voyage!


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  • Can you tell me the ___ of the trains to Cardiff?

  • How much is a ___ ticket to Bristol?

  • When is the ___ train to Bath?

  • Can I ___ a seat on this train?

  • Which ___ does the Cambridge train leave from?

  • How long ___ it take to get to Southend?

  • Which train do I to have to take to ___ in Liverpool by 11am?

  • What is the ___ time of the 4:10 to Manchester?

  • How ___ are the trains to Canterbury?

  • Are there any ___ trains to Stratford?

  • Where is the left- ___ office, please?

  • Do you have any ___ for London to Brighton?