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Environment Vocabulary - Saving our Planet

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Are you environmentally aware? Do you want to become an activist and try to change people's consumer habits?  Do you recycle and compost whenever possible? 

How many buzzwords connected to environmentalism do you recognize? 

Let's see how good you are.

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego English School

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  • 1 - Do you remember the huge ___ caused by the Exxon Valdez, a tanker that struck a reef off the coast of Alaska?

  • 2 - The animals that need the most protection are the ones at risk of disappearing from the face of the Earth. We call them ___.

  • 3 - When there is a traffic jam on the freeway, the smell of the ___ from all the cars, buses and trucks makes me sick.

  • 4 - More and more people are aware of the importance of reducing their carbon ___ and negative impact on the natural world.

  • 5 - It is hard to accept the notion that millions of people in the United States still do not believe that ___ is caused by human activities.

  • 6 - I was shocked to find out that the ___ in Seoul can burn your scalp.

  • 7 - Because the ice is melting in the Arctic, polar bears ___ certain extinction unless something is done to slow the effects of global warming.

  • 8 - Because the lungs of the Earth are found in the ___ of Brazil and Africa, these regions must be protected.