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Expressions with Look

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Look for: try to find something
Look forward to: wait with pleasure for something which is going to happen
Look after: be responsible for or take care of someone or something

Complete the sentences with these expressions:

I'm looking forward to...
I'm looking for...
I'm looking after...

Can you write your own example sentences using these three expressions?

  • 1. ___ my silver necklace. I can't find it anywhere!

  • 2. ___ my holiday in Cape Town.

  • 3. ___ Emma's cat while she's away.

  • 4. ___ a gift for my best friend.

  • 5. ___ the concert on Saturday night.

  • 6. ___ my baby cousin this afternoon.

  • 7. ___ new running shoes.

  • 8. ___ your birthday party.

  • 9. ___ Jeremy's visit next week. I haven't seen him since last year.

  • 10. ___ my car keys. Have you seen them?