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Extreme Sports in Cape Town

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Thrill-seeker: a person who enjoys taking part in extreme sports and other activities involving physical risk

So many of my English students in Cape Town used to terrify me with videos of them bungee jumping or swimming with sharks!

I would NEVER do anything like that, for me riding a rollercoaster is all the excitement I will need.

Having said that, I am considering abseiling down Table Mountain in a few months, but that's not for fun, that's for charity!

I found this great article about the best activities for thrill-seekers in Cape Town, if you're studying there, or would like to, why not try one of them?

But please do not tell me about it!

I've taken some of the words out of the article - can you put them in the correct gaps?

I've also given you some helpful vocabulary to help you understand the text.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Learn English in Cape Town

Helpful Vocabulary:

  • Navigate - find your way around.
  • Daredevil - someone who likes taking risks, the same as a 'thrill-seeker'
  • Unrivalled - No other competition, it is the best.
  • Exhilarating - gives strong feelings of happiness or excitement.
  • Adrenaline Junky - someone who loves taking risks.

Cape Town Activities

With its good weather climate and amazing landscape, Cape Town is great for sport and activity lovers. Here are a 5 activities to try:

Kitesurfing on Blaauwberg Beach - The big waves here are perfect for kite-surfing. Loved by thrill seekers, kitesurfing's _1_ is rising. Blaauberg Beach is one of the top kite surfing beaches in the world. Cabrinha Kitesurfing School and Best Kiteboarding School offer _2_ for learner of any level. With stunning _3_ of both Cape Town and Table Mountain, Blaauwberg Beach is a nice place to try something new.

Kloofing - Kloofing, also known as canyoning, involves navigating your way down a river gorge by hiking, _4_ and wading through rock pools! The Cape mountains provide the perfect place for this daredevil activity. There are many popular places for this around Cape Town.

Abseiling off Table Mountain - The top of Table Mountain has unrivalled views of Cape Town, but abseiling down the mountain offers the incredible views plus an exhilarating and _5_ experience. The 112m drop is great for adrenaline junkies. Take a cable car or walk to the top of the mountain. Qualified _6_ are there for safety and to guide you.

Paragliding off Lion's Head - It is very popular for night climbing when there is a full _7_ .

Missing Vocabulary:

  • Popularity
  • Moon
  • Instructors
  • Breathtaking
  • Jumping
  • Views
  • Lessons

Put the seven missing words into the spaces below:

  • Missing word 1 is:
  • Missing word 2 is:
  • Missing Word 3:
  • Missing Word 4:
  • Missing Word 5:
  • Missing Word 6:
  • Missing Word 7: