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Face Idioms

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Time to face up (to bravely confront something) and take on these idioms face to face (together in the same place). Do it now so that you don't lose face (to do something which makes other people stop respecting you).

slap in the face

Something that you find insulting or that disappoints you is a slap in the face:

'Hearing Susan got the promotion instead of him was a real slap in the face he said.'

have egg on face

You have egg on your face when you feel embarrassed by something you have done:

'This new scandal has left the Prime Minister with egg on his face.'

fall flat on your face

Make a big mistake:

'Even though the project had a lot of financial support, it fell flat on its face.'

until you are blue in the face

Used when you talk to someone for a long time, but the person doesn't listen:

'I argued my point until I was blue in the face, but she wouldn't change her opinion.'

what's his face

Someone whose name has been forgotten:

'I was talking to that guy, what's his face. You know, that tall man.'

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  • Our Maths teacher, ___ his face, was my favourite teacher in school.

  • The bad news was a slap ___ the face.

  • He didn't know what he was doing and ended up ___ flat on his face.

  • They knew I wasn't telling the truth. I had egg ___ face when I realised.