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Facts about the English Language

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How much do you know about the language that you're learning? Here are some fascinating facts about English! Read through them and complete the gaps with the words below.

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Lesson by Caroline


  • Official - approved by the government or someone in authority.
  • Widespread - affecting or including a lot of places, people, etc.
  • Chocolate - a sweet, brown food. It's delicious!
  • Plural - a form of a noun or verb that refers to more than one person or thing.
  • Foreign - in or from a country that is not your own.
  • Pilots - people who fly aircarft.
  • Commonly - often or usually.
  • Definitions - explanations.
  • Rhyme - one of two or more words or phrases that end in the same sounds. e.g. 'hat' rhymes with 'cat'.

Now decide which word is missing in each statement. Try reading the nine sentences before you start answering:

  • 1. 'Set' has more ___ than any other English word. You can set the table, own a set of books, smile in a set way and many many more!

  • 2. Lots of countries have English as an ___ language, including Australia, South Africa and Jamaica.

  • 3. English is the most ___ language in the world!

  • 4. Many English words are derived by the language spoken by the Native American people, including chipmunk, pecan and ___.

  • 5. There are no English words that ___ with orange, silver or purple.

  • 6. All ___ have to learn English in order to fly planes as it is the language they must use to identify themselves.

  • 7. Some words in English exist only in ___ form, for example trousers, pyjamas, glasses and scissors.

  • 8. The most ___ used word in the English language is 'I'.

  • 9. Over 700 million people speak English as a ___ language, and you are one of them!