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Facts about South Africa

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It is becoming more and more popular to learn English in Cape Town. I was lucky enough to live and teach in South Africa for nearly two years and fell in love with its people and its beauty.

Cape Town has a low cost of living compared to many English-speaking destinations. Restaurants, for example, are much cheaper than in the USA, Canada and UK. That's why Cape Town and South Africa are good for long-term English students. You can also experience a very unique culture and, of course, see the world's best wildlife.

How much do you know about South Africa? Do you know whether the facts below are true or false? If the answer is false, then what is the correct answer? Enjoy!

Lesson by Caroline

Decide if these sentences are true or false:

  • 1. EC has a school in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • 2. South Africa has eleven official languages!

  • 3. The current president of South Africa is Nelson Mandela.

  • 4. Table Mountain, one of the world’s seven ‘new’ wonders, is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • 5. South Africa is bordered by two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic.

  • 6. South Africa hosted the football world cup in 2006.

  • 7. South Africa is often referred to as ‘The Rainbow Nation’.

  • 8. Apartheid, the system of separating communities by colour in South Africa, ended in 1990. The first democratic elections were held in 1994.