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Family phrasal verbs

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Today's lesson comes from Danica at EC Cape Town English Language School

A lesson on phrasal verbs for pre-intermediate students

Read the following text about Danica and her family and answer the following questions about phrasal verbs.

"Danica grew up in South Africa. She has two younger sisters and the three of them were brought up by both their parents. Danica and her youngest sister take after their father. They like watching sport. The other sister takes after their mother and the two of them are excellent chefs. They are a happy family. The three siblings get on really well. They would often just sit and talk till late in the night and laugh together. Danica looks up to her parents. They’ve always been good role models to their three daughters. Danica feels grateful for having such wonderful parents and sisters."

Look at the different phrasal verbs in the text and try to guess their meanings.

Match the phrasal verbs with the correct definitions below.
grow up
look up to
bring up
take after
get on

Think about these questions:
1) Who in your family do you take after?
2) Who do you look up to?
3) Who is someone you get on well with?
4) Where did you grow up?
5) Who brought you up?

Link: 5 Common Phrasal Verbs You Should Know

  • 1 - to look or behave like someone in your family:

  • 2 - to become an adult:

  • 3 - to have a good relationship with someone and to be on friendly terms with someone:

  • 4 - to raise a child:

  • 5 - to admire someone: