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Feelings Vocabulary

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We have feelings everyday and it’s important to express ourselves correctly so that nobody gets confused.

There are 10 sentences and you must choose the correct form of the word to put in the gaps.

Lesson by Jean, teacher at EC Cape Town English school


  • 1. She will never ___ me for forgetting her birthday.

  • 2. The children had a great time at the ___ park.

  • 3. The baby's crying ___ me.

  • 4. She had never experienced the ___ of swimming in the sea.

  • 5. 'I got such a ___ when I saw a spider in the bath.'

  • 6. His father was very ___ with his excellent exam results.

  • 7. When I burnt my hand in the fire it was very ___.

  • 8. The teacher was so ___ with the children’s rude behaviour.

  • 9. The actress didn’t feel ___ of all the media attention.

  • 10. Children should always ___ their parents.