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Find the mistakes

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The following questions about marriage each contain one or two mistakes. Do you know what they are? Rewrite the correct sentences in the comments area. You can also read the correct sentences by clicking below the 15 sentences.

e.g. Does you believe on love at first sight?

Do you believe in live at first sight?

  1. Do you thinking love is necessarily to have a good marriage?
  2. Does you think it better to be single or to be married?
  3. At when age do most people in your country to married?
  4. What do you think is best age to get married?
  5. Do you think is it okay for the couple to live together before getting married?
  6. Do you think it are okay for a couple to having children before getting married?
  7. What is the best season to got married?
  8. Would you rather a traditional or modern wedding?
  9. How many guesses would you invite to our wedding?
  10. In your country, is there any superstitions collected to weddings?
  11. Are arranged marriages commonly in your country?
  12. You think arranged marriages are a good ideas?
  13. Do woman usually work after getting marry in your country?
  14. Do you think you will change of you get married?
  15. Do you think getting married means given up freedom?

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