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Find the Mistakes

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Today's lesson tests your knowledge of English grammar and your general knowledge.

People in the UK this year celebrated 60 years of the reign of the current Queen, Elizabeth II. But how much do you know about the Queen?

Task 1 - There is one mistake in each of these eight sentences. Can you find the eight mistakes?

Task 2 - Are the sentences true or false?

  1. The Queen learnt to drive at 1945.
  2. The Queen's silver jubilee is celebrated in 2002.
  3. Once, the Queen was gave an elephant as a present.
  4. The Queen was born in the 21st April, 1926.
  5. The Queen have three children.
  6. The Queen sends a telegraph (a special message) to people who reach there 100th birthday.
  7. The Queen is only five foot taller.
  8. The Queen become queen when she was 20 years old.

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