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Fire Idioms

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Upper Intermediate Level

Match the idioms below with their meanings – write the corresponding number in the gap provided. And then try make your own sentences using the idioms.

1. He made my ears burn
2. Playing with fire
3. Don't burn your bridges
4. Burn a hole in your pocket
5. I have money to burn
6. He has a short fuse
7. Add fuel to the fire
8. Jump out of the frying pan and into fire
9. Where there's smoke there's fire
10. A burnt child dreads the fire
11. Get along like a house on fire
12. As warm as toast

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Lesson by Amy at EC Cape Town English Language School

  • A) To have a lot of money to spend:
  • B) Money that someone wants to spend quickly:
  • C) Warm and cozy:
  • D) To have a great relationship with someone very soon:
  • E) If something looks or sounds bad, something is wrong:
  • F) We sometimes want so much to get out of a difficult situation that we end up in another even more difficult situation:
  • G) He made me very embarrassed about something:
  • H) Relationships take us from one place to another, so we mustn’t end them:
  • I) Someone becomes angry very quickly:
  • J) To do something to make a bad situation worse:
  • K) Taking foolish risks:
  • L) A bad experience may scar a person's attitude or thinking for a lifetime: