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Flying First Class

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What's the best perk of flying first class?

Perk: Advantage or extra benefit.

Many of our students fly for hours, across the world, to come and study with us! Do you ever wish you could enjoy your flight in first class bliss? I know I certainly do. Apparently, first class flights will soon be even better than ever.

Read the article below and then put the vocabulary in the correct gap.

Good luck and Bon voyage!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Missing Words


New Perk of Flying First Class

From CBC News

As if flying first class weren't already enough of a _1_, American Airlines has upped the ante by announcing it will equip premium passengers with Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablets for their personal entertainment enjoyment.

The 6,000 tablets will allow first-class travelers on certain U.S. flights to _2_ comfortably in their wide, reclining seats while enjoying what the airline calls the most "modern and innovative in-flight entertainment experience."

Samsung describes its tab - the world's thinnest - as having an "ultra-slim, lightweight design, a brilliant 10-inch touchscreen and array of applications _3_ the in-flight entertainment experience."

As for those in _4_ and business class, it seems that tapping at the screen on the back of the seat in front you will be de rigueur until further notice.

But the Samsung tab is just the latest in a string of _5_ that makes flying first class the most enjoyable way to fly the friendly skies. The wide seats, more legroom, _6_ menu, real glassware and cutlery, special check-in and bonus mileage points are all fantastic - or so we hear - but are they worth paying a premium price for?

Useful Vocabulary

to up the ante - to increase the quality of something. This was orginally a term used in gambling.
to tap - to touch gently usually with your fingers. "She tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to move out of the way."
de rigueur - required by fashion or custom. A fashionable thing to do.


Now put the correct missing words into the boxes below:

  • Missing word 1 is:
  • Missing word 2 is:
  • Missing Word 3:
  • Missing Word 4:
  • Missing Word 5:
  • Missing Word 6: