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Food Idioms

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Here are some idioms to revise, all of which are related to food and eating. First look at the literal meanings of the idioms below and then see if you can decide which idiom correctly completes the sentence. Who is the apple of your eye? Is there something that just isn't your cup of tea?

Good luck!

8 Food Idioms

Acquire a taste for - begin to like something
Apple of (someone's) eye - someone that you are most proud of and love more than others.
Bad egg - a nasty person.
Big cheese - the boss
Bitter pill to swallow - a difficult thing to accept.
Butter (someone) up - to flatter someone so that you can get something from them.
Not (someone's) cup of tea - something you have a personal dislike for.
Eat like a bird - to eat very little.

Now choose the correct idiom to complete each sentence:

  • 1 - My granddaughter is the ___, she is only two weeks old and she is gorgeous.

  • 2 - My cousin is a professional gymnast and she is very thin. She trains all the time and ___.

  • 3 - The man in the grey suit is the ___ around here, don't let him see you making any mistakes.

  • 4 - I've really ___ classical music lately, I listen to it every morning.

  • 5 - That teacher is a ___, I don't want him anywhere near my child.

  • 6 - I don't think I’ll come with you to the gig on Tuesday; hip-hop isn't really my ___.

  • 7 - I've been trying to ___ my boss lately. I want to ask for a pay rise soon.

  • 8 - Finding out that Alice scored higher than me in the ballet exam was a really ___.