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Friday Slang!

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It's Friday and we have a nice mix of slang words and phrases for you! :)

Remember slang is very casual and used only in informal situations.

1. give you a bell = call you

E.g. I will give you a bell when I get home!


2. gutted = very sad, devastated

E.g. She was absolutely gutted when she found out her pet dog had died.


3. dodgy = suspicious

E.g. The man in the long black coat and hat looked rather dodgy.


4. chuffed = proud, very pleased

E.g. Tom felt rather chuffed about winning the tournament.


5. knackered = tired

E.g. I studied all night... I'm knackered!


6. ace = very good, cool

E.g. That movie was simply ace!

Now choose the right word with the correct spelling to complete the following sentences:

  • 1. I'm worrying about this situation. I think it's a bit ___,

  • 2. I can't believe Mary passed away. I'm ___.

  • 3. James was ___ this morning. He only slept for three hours last night!

  • 4. We're ___ our team won! Time to celebrate!

  • 5. Don't worry, I will ___ as soon as I get home,

  • 6. Can't wait to go to that musical festival next year... Heard it's ___!