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Funny Words

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I'm not sure why, but some words just make me laugh. I was reminded of this this morning, when my shampoo bottle instructed me to place a large 'dollop' of shampoo into my hair. It really is the simple things that keep me happy!

Here are some other words I find to be hilarious, have you seen them before? Put each word into the correct sentence to practise your new vocabulary, then let me know what you think is the funniest English word!

Lesson by Caroline Devane


Dollop - a small quantity, lump or blob.
Preposterous - completely ridiculous and absurd.
Drizzle - light rain.
Gobsmacked - completely lost for words.
Goggles- the glasses you wear when you swim, so you can see under water.
Doodle- to draw little pictures absentmindedly.
Anonymous - unknown, secret.
Munch - to chew.

Now decide which word is needed to complete the sentences. Type your answers in the boxes below.

  • 1. When she told me she was going to have a baby I was completely ___!
  • 2. Don't forget your ___, you have swimming class today.
  • 3. I always ___ in my Science class because I never understand what the teacher is talking about.
  • 4. The author decided to remain ___ due to the controversial subject of the book.
  • 5. In Cape Town it rains like a storm, in London there's usually just ___.
  • 6. To suggest that there is life on other planets is completely ___!
  • 7. If you're on a diet but you fancy a snack, ___ on some carrots.
  • 8. Add a large ___ of cream to the mixture.