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Furniture and Prepositions

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It is all very well knowing the vocabulary for furniture around the house, but do you know the prepositions that go with them?

In each of the sentences below, I have removed the preposition. Can you remember which one you need to complete the sentence?

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. I study ___ my desk for three hours every day.

  • 2. She's been sitting ___ the sofa watching Jerry Springer for ages!

  • 3. I'm so tired. I'm already ___bed.

  • 4. Jessica, please sit __ the table and get ready for dinner.

  • 5. The book you need is ___ the shelf above the oven.

  • 6. Please can I borrow the pink dress that's ___ your wardrobe?

  • 7. If I don't have a glass of water beside me ___ my bedside cabinet, I can't sleep.