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Get / Become

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The word get has many different meanings in English, such as 'receive'. However, another very common meaning is also 'become'.

For example: “I’m getting cold” means the same as “I’m becoming cold”
The only real difference is that get is more informal and popular to use.

The structure is: GET + ADJECTIVE.

For this meaning you can't use GET + NOUN.
This structure means 'receive' or 'buy'. For example: get some news means the same as receive some news and get a new car means the same as buy a new car.

Lesson by Sebastian E’Silva, EC Cape Town English School

Now choose the correct phrase to complete each sentence:

  • 1. I'm ___, let's go to a restaurant.

  • 2. I will study at university for a few years and ___.

  • 3. Wear your jacket or you'll ___.

  • 4. When you work a lot, you ___ easily.

  • 5. It's so hot today, I'm really ___.

  • 6. Yesterday I ___, so we can play games together.

  • 7. I think I'll go to the shop and ___.

  • 8. When Barcelona plays a big match I ___.

  • 9. I worked hard for many years to ___.

  • 10. When I was a child I ___ for my birthday.