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Get Phrasal Verbs

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Check out this list of Phrasal verbs that begin with GET and find an explanation of each one with some examples:

- Get across
- Get along/ Get on with
- Get around
- Get away
- Get down
- Get over

Get across
= to communicate
= to make someone understand something.
E.g. Andrew's not very good at getting his idea across. I never understand him!

Get along/Get on with
= to have a good / friendly relationship with someone.
E.g. My colleages are all very easy to get on with.

Get around
= to become known. To spread or to circulate. If news or information gets around, people tell other people, so that soon many people know about it.
E.g. News soon got around that Mary was back in town.

Get away
= to go away from someone or something.
E.g. Get away from that cake! Don't you dare touch it!

Get down
= to cause someone to be depressed.
E.g. This weather is getting me down. It's just too awful!

Get over
= to recover from something or return to your usual state of health or happiness.
E.g. It took me two years to get over my separation.

  • 1. It was so busy that Anna couldn't ___ from the phone all day.

  • 2. News and gossip ___ pretty quickly in such a small town.

  • 3. There are six of them sharing the house. Luckily, they all ___ well with each other.

  • 4. The meaning of her story didn't really ___.

  • 5. Sharon can't seem to ___ the accident she had three years ago.

  • 6. Don't let the bad news ___ you ___.