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Go/Went/Gone Elementary Level

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Go means to move from one place to another e. g "I go to school by bus."

When we add a preposition with go, we use "went" e.g. "John went into his room and shut the door."

Go is often used with "-ing" for different activities e.g. "I usually go swimming in the morning."

Be going to is often used for plans for the future e.g. "On Sunday we're going to stay at home."

Choose the correct form in the following sentences:

  • 1. Please get __. I'm tired.

  • 2. We're going ___ today.

  • 3. Jo is ___ hike to the top of the hill.

  • 4. Let's ___ fishing today.

  • 5. Is this train ___ Cape Town?

  • 6. I ___ work by bike.

  • 7. Do you like ___ sightseeing when you are on holiday?

  • 8. Jill was tired. She ___ up the stairs slowly.

  • 9. Tom ___ outside and into the garden.

  • 10. Hans ___ skiing every winter.