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Grammar Rules

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We often post lessons that focus on specific parts of grammar on our website, but here’s a review to see how much you remember about grammar generally. Hopefully, it will help you understand what rules you need to revise! Let us know which rules you found difficult and we will try to post some lessons based on those rules.

Are the rules below true or false? Good luck!

  • 1. To form the present perfect we use have/has plus the past participle.

  • 2. The past simple tense is used for events that started in the past and continue into the present.

  • 3. Some verbs cannot be used in the present continuous e.g. love, like, agree.

  • 4. To form a superlative you add ‘most’ or ‘est’ to the adjective.

  • 5. We use ‘an’ before nouns that begin with a consonant e.g. an chair.

  • 6. We use the second conditional to talk about unreal situations in the present or the future e.g. If I lived in California, I would go to Disneyland every weekend.

  • 7. The infinitive is the ‘ing’ form of a verb e.g. swimming.

  • 8. We use the before most countries e.g. the England, the Spain.

  • 9. Adverbs describe a verb e.g. the girl ran quickly.

  • 10. The past continuous is often interrupted by the present simple e.g. I was cooking dinner when I see a huge spider.