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Guess the jobs

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You want something done? You want to explain what you do to people? It's always important to know the names of jobs.

How well do you know these jobs?

Flight attendant

Here are a few descriptions of what people do, try to guess their job.

Lesson by Jean, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

  • 1. You go to this person if you have toothache.

  • 2. You go to this person if you need glasses to see clearly.

  • 3. This person looks after you when you are flying.

  • 4. Before a house is built, this person draws the plans.

  • 5. When your tap or toilet doesn't work you call this person.

  • 6. This person writes articles for a newspaper or magazine.

  • 7. This person works in a place where you borrow books

  • 8. This person cleans your house.

  • 9. This person cuts and styles woman’s hair.

  • 10. A person you go to if you are in danger.