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Had Better

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Had Better for specific advice

Had better is used to give advice about specific things (use should for general advice). It is followed by the infinitive without to.

We'd better take something to eat or we will be hungry later.
It's getting late. You'd better leave now or you will miss your bus.
I'd better go to bed, I have to be up early tomorrow.

Had better for hope and warning

Had better can also be used to express a hope or a warming.

You'd better shut up! (warning)
My team had better win tonight. (hope)

Or with negative results

When the advice is strong, use had better with or to show the negative result of not following your advice.

You'd better take an umbrella or you will get wet.
He'd better remember to wear a neck-tie or they won't let him in the restaurant.
I think I had better take them or they will get lost.

Now choose the correct form to complete each sentence:

  • 1) You had better ___ me later.

  • 2) ___ better buy some more milk.

  • 3) We had better ___ now before it gets too busy.

  • 4) You had better ___ a suit to the interview.

  • 5) I had better ___ some weight before next summer.

  • 6) You had better ___ a shower now while the water is still hot.

  • 7) They'd better ___ planning now or the project will be a failure.